With the price hike of cable or satellite connection, the internet protocol television (IPTV) apps are gaining popularity in recent times. IPTV streaming apps have even taken advantage of HDTV home entertainment since apps can be accessed from anywhere. It is better to watch them from PC as it supports streaming live content, on-demand shows, IPTV channels, etc. There is a multitude of IPTV apps available for the Mac OS, and that delivers TV shows, movies, series, and moreover IP networks. All of them can be accessed with an internet connection. For a better playback experience, it is indeed vital to translate the IPTV streams by using a compatible IPTV player on Mac. The M3U playlist file is the most popularly used protocol by any IPTV. It is also must to find the IPTV player that supports such protocols like HTTP, RTP, RTMP, RTSP, IGMP, UPnP, etc. The article covers the best IPTV player for Mac along with the steps to setup IPTV on Mac.

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VLC Media Player
VLC Media Player

2. Perfect Player

Perfect Player is one of the Mac OS supported IPTV video player that can be used as a media player or channel manager. It features advanced full-features IPTV player with semi-transparent salable OSD menu. Furthermore, it supports M3U and XSPF file formats. Perfect Player can be used in playlist generating and supports the udpxy format.

Perfect Player
Perfect Player

How to Watch IPTV on Mac?

Follow the steps given below to setup VLC IPTV player on Mac OS.

Step 1: Use Safari web browser on your Mac to download VLC media player as a .dmg file.

Step 2: Install the VLC media player on Mac PC once after the downloading process.

Download VLC on Mac
Download VLC on Mac

Step 3: Open the VLC Player to launch it on your Mac PC. It will open up with the Playlist menu by default.

Step 4: You should now purchase IPTV subscription from the service provider by using the Safari browser.

Step 5: Click on the link given by the service provider to download M3u file on Mac.

Step 6: Just click to drag the M3u file and drop it on the VLC media player app.

Step 7: VLC Player will display you the IPTV channels in the playlist menu. Watch your favourite contents by clicking on any channel.

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Upon carrying out the steps in the right order, you can set up and install IPTV Player for Mac PC. With this, any IPTV streams will be translated into the Mac PC using VLC Player. In the same way, Mac user can use Perfect Player or other IPTV players to play any internet protocol contents.

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