Google’s Chromecast is a big hit among entertainment fans out there in the world. It is so as it has made casting content from smartphone or PC into the smart TV. Opera is a popularly used web browser on all major platforms including desktop PC. It is the most preferred browser with the native VPN and ad-blocker support that aren’t available even on its rivals. It gives you the best of the web while maximizing your privacy by protecting you from malware and fraud. When accessed from the desktop PC, the Opera browser supports the Chromecast feature. In addition to browsing, Opera can be used in casting videos from Google cast enabled sites to smart TV. So with Chromecast for Opera support, anyone can start casting your favorite videos on the television screen.

Chromecast for Opera – Setup Procedure

With the help of the Opera browser on a desktop, anyone can stream online video content on the smart television. Firstly, you should set up Opera with Chromecast. Further, you can cast videos from Opera to Chromecast-enabled smart TV.

Steps to Setup Chromecast on Opera Browser

Follow the steps in the right order to set up Chromecast on the Opera Browser.

Step 1: Open the web browser on your PC, type in the address bar as Opera add-on. Click on the search icon to begin the search.

Step 2: From the search result, click to open the official Opera add-ons website (

Chromecast for Opera

Step 3: Now, tap on the Download Opera button from the Opera add-ons catalog. When downloaded, you can use the Chrome extension with the Opera browser.

Download Opera

Step 4: Make sure you have plugged in your Chromecast dongle into the HDMI port of your smart TV.

Note: Chrome Web Store has removed the Google Cast extension recently. It is because Google has made the ‘Cast’ option accessible from within the Chrome browser. So you need not manually add Google Cast extension on Opera browser.

Step 5: You should connect your dongle with the same WiFi network as that of your PC.

Step 6: Open Opera browser and click on the “Opera Icon” on the top left corner.

Chromecast for Opera

Step 7: Under the menu option, click on the “Settings” button or click “Alt + P“.

Click on Settings

Step 8: Under the Settings page, tap on the “Advanced button“.

Chromecast for Opera

Step 9: Choose the “Browser” option under the advanced tab.

Click on Browser option

Step 10: Scroll down and turn on the radio button located parallel to “Enable Chromecast Support“.

Chromecast for Opera

Step 11: For instance, open any streaming apps like YouTube on Opera to play any video. Just right-click on the screen twice to click on the cast option. Now you can watch any content on the smart TV.

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Winding Up

You can effortlessly cast your video into the Chromecast-enabled smart TV from Opera browser upon following the guidelines given above. So you can start streaming your favorite videos on the bigger screen via casting from the Opera browser.

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