Airthings Wave Plus is the most effective device to measure the Radon level. It has sensors to detects the air quality and hazardous chemicals present in the indoor air. Most people spend a large amount of time inside the house, so it is essential to maintain the inner environment to prevent unhealthy effects. The people who live in high radon concentration areas, the Wave Plus detector is more helpful. Get into the article for Airthings Wave Plus Review based on deep analysis.

Airthings Wave Plus Review
Airthings Wave Plus Review


Integrated radon detector helps you to know the current air quality by just waving your hand in front of the device.

With IFTTT channel support, you can control other devices but the phone should be within the Bluetooth area.

Apart from being a radon detector, it checks multiple air quality aspects which include temperature, humidity, air pressure sensors.


Airthings Wave Plus looks very much similar to the classic smoke detector. It comes along with two AA batteries which should last for more than a year. You can screw the unit to the wall as the mounting plate has a hole in the center.

The built-in LED on the top notifies you about the air quality with colour signals. You can just wave your hand over the unit to know the current air quality.

Airthings Wave Plus Review
Airthings Wave Plus Review – Wall Mount

Installation and Monitoring

The Installation process is easy and simple, check for batteries and mount the unit to the wall or place it on a reachable place. The mobile app is not required for general usage, as you can wave your hand to check the air quality status. It indicates in three different colours – Green is safe, Yellow is moderate, Red is unsafe.

To activate the sensor, your hand must wave at a certain distance away from the device. It is okay for a quick look, but if you want in details, then you should download the mobile app. Then connect your smartphone to Airthings Wave Plus via Bluetooth. Typically, it takes an hour to show the first radon reading and a week for proper results. If your mobile is within the Bluetooth range, the data will be updated automatically on the screen.

To setup, download the app > create an account > pursue the instructions

Airthings Wave Plus - Air Quality
Airthings Wave Plus – Air Quality

From the home screen, you can see the overall information of the air quality with the same colour indications. It also provides you with individual readings of various sensors in the Wave Plus where radon sensor is the major of the device. Radon is a radioactive gas from the ground surface, which is the major source of radiation. At high absorption, it increases the possibility of lung cancer.

With Airthings Wave Plus, you can start measuring the radon, TVOC, carbon dioxide, humidity, room temperature and air pressure. On measuring radon, if the measuring is between

  • 0 – 48 Bq/m3: no need action
  • 49 – 99 Bq/m3: check the ventilations and seal the cracks
  • 100 – 149 Bq/m3: if it maintains for more than three months, then reach for a professional radon mitigation
  • Above 150 Bq/m3: keep monitoring and go for advice if it maintains more than a month
Airthings Wave Plus - Sensors
Airthings Wave Plus – Sensors

TVOC is used to measure the total quantity of Volatile Organic Compounds, which are found in some cleaning products. Since VOC is raspy chemical, it causes irritation on eyes, throat, nose and even leads to liver or kidney damage.

The temperature sensor is used to know the room temperature, whether it’s high or low. The humidity sensor is used to measure the amount of water vapour present in the air, whether it’s too moist or too dry. Use carbon dioxide sensor to above the absence of fresh air where you have to open the windows or door to get some fresh air. Finally, the atmospheric sensor can help you to adjust the pressure which high pressure may lead to headaches or mental distractions.

Connectivity – IFTTT and Alexa Support

Wave Plus is supported with IFTTT channel, so you can make your responses automated. For example, if there is a high radon count, then you can turn on all of your red lights by generating alerts through sensors. In case of increase in CO2 level, you can refresh the room with an automated outlet. The IFTTT channel doesn’t work outside the Bluetooth range so your smartphone must be within the Bluetooth field of Airthings.

Airthings Wave Plus - Connectivity
Airthings Wave Plus – Connectivity

With Alexa support, you can know only the present radon level, which depends on the updated information of your smartphone application.

Price: Airthings Wave Plus cost around $269.00 US dollars.

In the Box

  • Airthings Wave Plus device
  • User manual
  • Two AA batteries
  • Mounting screw

Wrapping Up

Overall, Airthings Wave Plus is the best indoor air quality detector and worth of its price. It is a well designed wireless product with simple installation. The less Bluetooth range brings up a little disadvantage, but it works perfectly for monitoring with accurate results.

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