Chromecast by Google is the most popular and affordable media player tool ever since its launch. It can be used for all your home entertainment needs when it is plugged into the HDMI port of any smart TV. Anyone can cast videos from different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows/Mac PC. However, those Linux PC users have no direct way to cast content to the Chromecast-supported television. In other words, Chromecast for Linux PC is a bit tricky task. But casting videos to smart TV from Linux PC support can be used if you have Mkchromecast.

With the Mkchromecast program, you will be able to easily cast media contents like audio and video from Linux/Mac PC to the Google Chromecast device. Above all, those Linux PC users should have Debian or Ubuntu repositories to download Mkchromecast to cast to Chromecast.

How to Cast Media from Linux to Chromecast

Get into the section below to cast video from Linux to the Chromecast-enabled smart television.


  • Download Mkchromecast for Ubuntu
  • Connect Chromecast with Mkchromecast using Mkchromecast tray applet
Chromecast for Linux

Steps to Cast Video from Linux Ubuntu to Chromecast

Follow the guidelines carefully to cast video from your Ubuntu to Chromecast.

Important Note: Make sure you have quit the tray applet just before casting a video on the Chromecast device.

##. Initially, you should open a new Terminal window on your Linux PC and enter the command

mkchromecast –video -i “/path/to/file.mp4”

##. To process the video, you can specify a backend by entering the following command

mkchromecast — video -i “/path/to/file.mp4” –encoder-backend ffmpeg

##. To cast any video with subtitles, you should enter the command as

mkchromecast –video -i “~/Video/Example.mkv” –subtitles ~/Videos/

##. Enter the command given below to cast any video file from an online source

mkchromecast –source-url -c mp4 –volume –video

##. YouTube videos can be cast to smart TV with Chromecast support if you enter the following command

mkchromecast – y –video

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Try the Alternative!

##. To download Mkchromecast as a deb package file, click on the link or install it by using the command as

sudo dpkg -i mkchromecast_$VERSION_all.deb

$VERSION = X.Y.Z-Rev. For instance, 0.3.7-1
When there are no dependencies, then enter the command as
sudo apt-get -f install

##. In addition to the above commands, you can install Mkchromecast from Github too by cloning the repository as

git clone

Those who have installed the Debian package can, therefore, use the following command to cast any video to Google cast devices.

##. To play any source URLs, use the command as,

python –source-url SOURCE_URL

For example,

python –source-url -c ogg –volume

##. By using the following command, you can play YouTube URL’s on Google Cast devices

apt-get install youtube-dl

python mkchromecast .py -\?v=NVvAJhZVBT

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To Sum Up

With this, you can cast media files such as videos, audio, etc, from the Linux PC to Chromecast. In short, Mkchromecast is all you need to cast video stream to the bigger screen. Hope the information provided about Chromecast for Linux is useful to you. If you have any queries, then drop them as comments.