Not all of the streaming apps supports accessing anime contents just like Crunchyroll. It is a multi-platform video streaming service that specifically deals with the anime, manga, and drama contents. In addition to the popular platforms, Crunchyroll can be accessed from the PlayStation consoles. With this, anyone can stream the world’s largest anime collection at any time. It has more than 900 anime shows in which 200 belongs to Asian dramas while 50 of them are manga titles. Crunchyroll on PS3/PS4 comes with 14-days free trial and you can watch even the new shows at no cost. Meanwhile, it offers a premium version and you can watch anything without ads. Crunchyroll has different premium subscription packages and they are as follows.

  • Buy Crunchyroll Premium Membership at $6.95/month
  • Get Crunchyroll Premium Membership at $19.95 for 6 months
  • Buy Crunchyroll Premium Membership at $59.95/year

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Step 1: You need to connect your PlayStation console to your TV at first.

How to install Crunchyroll on PS3/PS4?
Playstation to TV

Step 2: Power on the TV and hover to click on the PlayStation Store.

Step 3: Tap the search bar. Just type in as Crunchyroll and search for it.

Playstation Store
Search Tab

Step 4: Select Crunchyroll from the list of search result.

How to install Crunchyroll on PS3/PS4?
Click on Crunchyroll app

Step 5: Further, click the Download button to get it on your PS3/PS4.

Click Download
Download button

Step 6: Further, you should wait for few seconds to let Crunchyroll complete its downloading on PlayStation console.

Step 7: After that, make a click on the Start menu to launch the Crunchyroll app on PS4/PS3.

How to install Crunchyroll on PS3/PS4?
Click Start launch

Step 8: Lastly, choose any content to start streaming it on your PlayStation enabled TV.

Step 9 (optional): Select Try Premium option to subscribe to the Crunchyroll premium membership.

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To Sum Up

You may follow the same steps to install Crunchyroll on PS3 or PS4. Once after the download, you shall let enjoy streaming your favourite anime shows at any time. However, it is highly recommended to have a VPN installed on your PlayStation console to unblock geo restrictions, internet throttling, remove censorship issues, etc.

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