YouTube is the popular video streaming platform to watch all kinds of media including movies, music, TV shows, and more. It is the second most used social media platform around the world. YouTube is available for various devices such as Android mobiles/tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Roku, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. Now, Kodi users can also watch YouTube with the help of the YouTube Kodi add-on. YouTube add-on is available on the Kodi repository. So, you can easily install the add-on on Kodi. This blog covers the steps to install and set up YouTube on Kodi.

Before using Kodi, users must remember the fact that their IP and online activities are visible to the ISPs and Government. If you stream copyrighted content through Kodi, you will end up facing some serious legal issues. To avoid this, you must use a trusted VPN service to mask your internet activities from ISPs, hackers, Government, and many more. On the other hand, VPN also helps you to access geo-restricted media with ease.

How to Install YouTube Kodi Addon

Follow the steps given below to install YouTube Kodi Add-on.

#1. Open Kodi and click the Add-ons menu located on the sidebar.

Click Addons on Kodi

#2. Click the package installer icon.

Click Installer Package Icon on Kodi

#3. Select the option Install from Repository.

Click Install from Repository on Kodi

#4. Scroll down and select Video Addons.

Click Video Addons on Kodi

(NOTE: If you have installed any third-party repositories before, you need to select All Repositories >> Click Video Add-ons)

#5. Again scroll down and select YouTube.

Click Youtube on KODI

#6. On the info page, select Install to download the YouTube addon.

Click Install to get YouTube on Kodi

#7. YouTube requires additional dependencies to function correctly. Click OK to download them.

Click OK

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How to Set Up API for YouTube Kodi Addon

To stream YouTube videos on Kodi, you need to set YouTube API Key on Kodi. To do it, follow the steps listed below.

#1. Open a browser and go to the Google API library.

visit google api library

#2. Tap Select a Project option displayed at the top and click New Project on the pop-up menu.

Enter a name for the project

#3. Enter a name for your project in the Project Name field. Then, tap Create.

Tap Create

#4. Visit and select the option YouTube Data API v3.

Click YouTube Data API v3

#5. Now, hit the Enable button.

Click Enable

#6. Visit and click the Credentials menu on the sidebar.

Tap Create Credentials

#7. Select the option Create Credentials and click API Key.

Select API Key

#8. A small menu appears on the screen, copy the API Key and store it in your Google Notes or WordPad.

Copy the Youtube API Key

#9. Look for the option OAuth Consent screen and click it.

Click OAuth Consent screen

#10. Tap the option External displayed under the heading User Type. Then, click Create.

Select Create

#11. Enter YouTube API or any name of your choice in the App Name box and click Save.

Enter a name

#12. Again tap Credentials >> Click Create credentials >> select OAuth Client ID.

click OAuth Client ID

#13. Now, tap Application Type and click Desktop App from the drop-down menu.

#14. Type any name in the Name field box and click Create.

Click Create

#15. You’ll see a pop-up menu on the screen, copy the Client ID and Client Secret and store it in a safe place for later use.

Copy the secret and API ID

#16. Again, click OAuth Consent Screen on the sidebar and tap Add Users. Finally, enter your Gmail ID.

Tap Add Users

#17. Now, Open Kodi and navigate to YouTube Add-on you’ve installed.

#18. Scroll down and tap Settings.

click Settings on YouTube Kodi addon

#19. Locate and select the option, API.

#20. Enter the API Key, Secret ID, and API ID on the respective boxes and tap OK.

Enter the API details in the Youtube kodi addon

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How to Sign In YouTube on Kodi

#1. Launch the YouTube addon on Kodi

#2. On the home page, select Sign In.

Click Sign In on YouTube kodi addon

#3. An activation link along with the 8-digit code will appear on the screen.

Note down the code

#4. Now, take your mobile or PC where you’ve signed to your Google account.

#5. Open the Chrome browser and visit

#6. Enter the code displayed on the Kodi screen and click Next.

Enter the code

#7. Select the Google account that you want to sync.

#8. Tap Allow on the next screen to confirm the process.

Tap Allow

#9. Once the account was synced, the YouTube Kodi addon will refresh automatically to display the videos. If not, restart the add-on to watch the YouTube videos.

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Follow the above steps to install and watch YouTube videos on Kodi media player. With the help of YouTube addon, you can watch all types of YouTube videos such as movies, TV episodes, live TV, sports videos, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I watch YouTube on Kodi?

Yes. You can install the YouTube add-on directly from the Kodi Repository. To know more about the steps, refer to the blog.

2. Is Kodi safe to use?

No. Kodi is not a secure platform. If you wish to use Kodi, we highly recommend you to use a VPN. VPN hides your online activity and protects your data from hackers and trackers.