Kodi is an open-source media centre that lets you access popular media TV shows, movies, documentaries, live TV and many more on your device. If you’re a regular user of Kodi, you should be fluent with the specific keyboard shortcuts to makes your Kodi media player efficient and effective. These shortcuts are handy in accessing important functions quickly and easily.

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How to configure Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts?

With the help of Keymap editor addon, you can customise the Kodi keyboard shortcuts according to your convenience.

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  • Click Addons.
  • Click the Installer package icon.
  • Click Install from Repository.
  • Click Program Addons.
  • Scroll down and click Keymap editor.
  • Click Install.
  • After installation, launch the addon.
  • Customise the shortcuts.
  • Click Save.

Basic Kodi Shortcuts

Arrow KeysMove left, right, up, and down
EnterSelect the highlighted menu
ESC/BackspaceGet back to the previous screen
SAccess the power menu’s
Print ScreenTake a screenshot
\Switch between a window and full-screen mode
+Increase the volume
Decrease the volume
CTRL+STake a screenshot
IInformation about the media

Kodi Shortcuts for Pictures

. (Dot)View next picture
, (Comma)View the previous picture
RRotate the picture
+/-Zoom in and out the picture
IInformation about the picture
XStop the slideshow

Kodi Shortcuts for Videos

PPlay the video
Space barPlay/pause the video
FFast forward the video
RRewind the video
TTurn on/off subtitles
XStop the video
ZChange the aspect ratio
CAccess player control
YSelect the video player to play your video
IInformation about the video

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Kodi Shortcuts for Audio

Space BarPlay/Pause the audio
FFast forward the audio
RRewind the audio
IInformation about the audio
+/-Increase/decrease the volume
F8Mute the volume
NView music playlist

These are the shortcuts that every Kodi user should know. Are there any other Kodi keyboard shortcuts you would recommend to other users, kindly leave a comment below.