Netflix is one of the famous streaming services with a large collection of movies and TV shows. In this streaming app, you can search for specific content like movies, TV shows, and web series by their titles, author, and more. It is compatible with all platforms like Android, Mac, iOS, Firestick, Chromebook, etc. Chromebook is a laptop powered by Chrome OS. This device works best when connected to the internet, where most of the documents and applications are stored in the cloud. In this blog, we’ve covered the steps to install Netflix on Chromebook.

In the early days, Chromebook has trouble installing and running the Netflix app, but now they have resolved the trouble. There are two ways to install Netflix on Chromebook. You can either use the Play Store to download the app or you can use the web version of Netflix to stream the content. Both the methods are discussed in this blog.

Netflix on Chromebook

How to Install Netflix on Chromebook using Google Play Store

Follow the steps given below to download Netflix on Chromebook from Google Play Store.

Enable Google Play Support

1. Open the Settings app on Chromebook.

2. Look for the option About Chrome OS and click it.

3. Click More Information and tap the option Channel Settings.

4. Locate and tap the option Change Channel.

5. Then, install Beta Chrome OS on your Chromebook.

6. Finally restart your device and go to Settings.

7. Look for the Google Play Store option and enable it.

8. Click Agree and select Sign In.

9. Enter your Google credentials on the respective box and click the Sign In button.

Install Netflix on Chromebook

10. Launch Google Play Store on Chromebook.

11. In the search box, enter as Netflix.

12. Now, the search results will appear on the screen. select the official Netflix app.

Install Netflix on Chromebook

13. Tap the Install button to download Netflix app.

14. Wait till the app gets installed on your device.

15. After installation, launch the Netflix app.

16. Tap Sign in, enter your login credentials, or create a new account.

17. Finally, stream all your favorite movies and TV series on Chromebook.

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How to Stream Netflix on Chromebook using Chrome browser

1. Launch the Chrome browser on your Chromebook.

2. Go to the official Netflix website.

3. Click the Sign-in option and enter the necessary login credentials.

4. If you’re a new user, create an account and buy a subscription plan.

Go to Netflix website

6. Once you’re in, tap any video content and enjoy streaming it on Chromebook.

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The above-given methods will be helpful for Chromebook users. By installing the Netflix app, you can convert the device into a streaming hub. Once the installation is over, you can stream all movies, TV shows, series, documentaries, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to download Netflix on Chromebook?

To download Netflix on Chromebook, Enable Google Play Store >> Open Play Store >> search for Netflix app >> Select the app >> Click Install.

2. What to do if Netflix is not Working on Chromebook?

Follow the below steps to fix the Netflix app not working on the Chromebook issue.
bULLETRestart Chromebook.
bULLETUpdate Netflix and ChromeOS.
bULLETUninstall and Reinstall Netflix.
bULLETCheck internet connectivity.