Search engine is the web based tool that allows the internet user to search for the content through world wide web. A user enter the keyword into the search engine and it displays the search results in the form of websites, images, videos, links and any other online data. Every search engine use some complex mathematical formula to bring out search result. One of the most popular search engine is Google search engine developed by Google. Google is not only the search engine in the search platform. In this article, we will look into a few of the best google alternatives available in the search world.

List of Best Search Engine Alternatives to Google

There are many search engines available as an alternative to Google.

  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Search Encrypt
  • Start Page
  • Swisscows
  • Yippy
  • Gibiru
  • Qwant
  • Disconnect
  • SearX
  • DuckDuck Go
  • Yandex
  • Groot
  • Ask

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Best Google Alternatives

Yahoo search engine is one of the third most popular search engine around wider than Google. Yellow Page Search of Yahoo allows the user to search for local business serving in a particular area. The automatic tabs, shown below the search box enables the user to access the relevant search result quickly. The web portal serves as a news aggregator, an online shopping, an email service, game center, travel directory and more.


Best Google Alternatives

Bing search engine is the 2nd most popular search engine which is owned by Microsoft. It is more of visual search engine provides variety of search search results including web, images, videos and maps. Bing contains little adds, but there is no user privacy. It offers beautiful pictures of animals, plants, places, sports and many more.

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt

This is the privacy based search engine ensure that user online activities remain safe. It shows the search result along with the some ads. The most important feature of Search Encrypt is your local search history will expires automatically and get delete with in 15 minutes of inactivity.

Start Page

Best Google Alternatives

Start Page is the world’s most popular private search engine. It is considered as a best Google Alternatives. It allows the user to search for the information privately and anonymously. Start Page search protect you from physical interruption by deleting your search records, including IP address and web history. It is said to be a Google-like search engine, without the tracking.


Best Google Alternatives

Swisscows is formally known as Hulbee. It is the first intelligent search engine, because it is based on the semantic information recognition. The users search topics, personal information and IP address are not stored. One of the important feature of this search engine is data integrity and protection of privacy.

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Best Google Alternatives

Yippy is the web search engine that allows searching for web, images, videos, news, place,data and many more. It doesn’t shows any customized ads. It is effective private search engine that doesn’t collect any user logs related to search, IP address and any other personal information.



Gibiru is an encrypted alternative search engine that not only handles the privacy issues but also the censorship issues. The anonymous search feature of Gibiru allow you to search without tracking. Gibiru makes searching of uncensored content quite easy with assured privacy.



Qwant is only European based web search engine available on 13 languages. It gives you a neutral access to whole web, latest news and social media contents. Qwant is the privacy oriented search engine that never records your personal data for ad-targeting. It is easy and nice to use, pretty smart when it comes to search for videos. It also serves as a music search engine.


Disconnect search

Disconnect search engine is different form other search engines that it does not display any search result on its own page. It is an open-source browser extension that allows you to use your favorite search engine with anonymity. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android, and iOS.

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SearX is the meta search engine that never collect your personal data and offers fair results from several source. It protect the privacy of its users and does not share your search history and IP address. It offers multiple options to improve your search results and it is considered as a customizable search engine for privacy.

DuckDuck Go

Duckduck Go

DuckDuck Go is the most popular search engine preferred by many of the users, especially in china. This search engine does not hold any personal inforomation of user, this means it never operate any search results based on past performance. It is user friendly with infinite scrolling, so you don’t have to move onto pages.



Yandex is the Russian based popular search engine. It is one of the fifth largest search engine in the world. Yandex is the vast competitor for Google search engine. It is similar to other popular search engines. It returns a list of blue links and also offers search results with web, images, videos, links and news.


Best Google Alternatives

ECOSIA is a search engine based on Greman, it focus on deforestation. It is fast, secure and gives the experience of natural browsing with everything you need. ECOSIA is the trusted search engine having lot of privacy policies. It doesn’t stored your searches, never sell your data to advertisers, doesn’t track your websites you visit.


Best Google Alternatives

Groot is the web search engine, it is very fast and clutter free. It displays your search results instantly and without any difficulties. No more pages other than search are not shown. It never record user information, IP address and doesn’t track your search history. It is official and trusted search engine.


Best Google Alternatives

Ask search engine is formally known as Ask Jeeves. It is still very popular and first choice for many users in USA. It is the average search engine pretending to be a question and answer website. The search result layout is quit similar to the google search engine. It features some question and answers which are searched frequently are on one side.

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The above explained are the beat alternatives of Google search engine. These are the private search engines that does not store your queries and track your searches on internet. There are many search engines, but Google is considered as a best one. Google securing 90% of whole market share of search engine worldwide.