IPTV or Internet Protocol Television apps are a part of online streaming and it is known for delivering videos over internet protocol. There are lots of IPTV apps available for different platforms and anyone can watch it from the internet service provider. With the IPTV app, you can stream live channels, on-demand contents including VOD, and catch-up TV. By casting IPTV, you can watch anything on the smart TV. Casting IPTV to smart TV wouldn’t be complete without Chromecast dongle. Most IPTV delivers videos at free of cost. Therefore, traditional TV watching can be better replaced with IPTV apps. It is possible to cast IPTV on Chromecast just like other Google cast enabled apps.

Few IPTV supports casting from within the app while others need the Google Home app support. With the Chrome browser on desktop, you can instantly cast anything to the big screen. At the end of this article, you would get to know the detailed procedure to cast IPTV to Chromecast from either of the platforms.

IPTV on Chromecast

There are two different ways available in which anyone can cast IPTV to Chromecast TV. The first method involves casting IPTV from Android to the TV while the second method deals with mirroring IPTV from desktop PC. You may jump to the respective section to stream your favourite contents on the smart TV.


  • Connect your Chromecast and smartphone/PC to the same WiFi network.
  • Plugin your Chromecast dongle into the HDMI port of the HDTV.

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How to Watch IPTV on Chromecast using Mobile

You can cast any video to big screen from the IPTV app installed on Android or iOS device. There are IPTV apps that support built-in cast features while some lack the cast support. However, you can cast from both types of IPTV apps if you follow the guidelines given below.

Steps to Cast IPTV to Chromecast – Direct Method

In this method, anyone can cast videos from IPTV to Chromecast with Android or iOS device provided the IPTV has a built-in cast feature. For instance, we have selected a GSE SMART IPTV.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store or App Store on your Android or iOS device at first.

Step 2: Search and download GSE SMART IPTV on your Android or iPhone/iPad. For instance, you can even download any other IPTV apps like IPTV, SmartIPTV, etc.

Install GSE Smart TV
Click Open

Step 3: Open the GSE SMART IPTV on your smartphone and launch it. After that, you need to upload a playlist or select a sample playlist.

How to Chromecast IPTV to TV
Add Playlists

Step 4: Select a language in which you wanted to stream the playlist contents.

Select Language
Select Language

Step 5: You will see a list of channels. Click on Cast icon from the top of the GSE SMART IPTV app.

Click on Cast icon
Click Cast icon

Step 6: Now, you will see a list of available devices connected to the same WiFi as that of your smartphone. Identify and click on the Chromecast name.

How to Chromecast IPTV to TV
Select device

Note: Choose a TV Channel and click on the Cast option from the list of options to cast that particular channel.

How to Chromecast IPTV to TV
Click Cast

Step 7: Finally, the video will be cast to the smart TV when GSE SMART IPTV gets connected to the Chromecast.

How to Chromecast IPTV to TV
GSE getting Cast

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Steps to Cast IPTV to Chromecast using Google Home

If you want to Google Chromecast IPTV contents using Home Google app, then follow the step given below.

Note: This method works for those IPTV apps that don’t have built-in cast feature. So make sure to download any such IPTV app on either of your handhelds.

Step 1: Download and install Google Home app on your Android or iOS phone from Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

Step 2: After the download, open it and launch it on your smartphone.

Google Home
Click Open

Step 3: Tap on the Menu icon or the three-vertical dots on Google Home app to select the Cast Screen/Audio option.

Cast Screen / Audio
Cast Screen / Audio

Step 4: On the next screen, you should click Cast Screen/Audio again.

Cast Screen / Audio
Cast Screen / Audio

Step 5: Select and connect with the Chromecast from the list of devices shown on Cast to tab.

How to Chromecast IPTV to TV
Select Device

Step 6: Your mobile screen will be mirrored to the Chromecast supported smart TV.

Step 7: After that, open any IPTV app on Android and iOS phone that you have already downloaded.

Now Tap on any video or playlist in the IPTV app to play on your smartphone. The same will be mirrored to the Chromecast TV.

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How to Watch IPTV on Chromecast using Desktop

If you want to cast any videos from the IPTV on the desktop, then it is possible with the latest Chrome browser. Follow the steps given below.

Step 1: On your desktop, open the Chrome web browser initially.

Note: Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your PC.

Step 2: Open the website of any IPTV service on the browser.

Step 3: Right-click on the page and choose Cast option from the list of menus. Otherwise, click on the Menu on Chrome browser to choose Cast.

Click Cast
Click Cast

Step 4: Choose the Chromecast device from the cast tab and after that, tap on the Sources drop-down to select Cast current tab option.

How to Chromecast IPTV to TV
Cast Tab/Desktop

Step 5: As soon as the PC gets connected with the smart TV device, the entire tab of your desktop will be shown on the television.

Step 6: Lastly, play any IPTV video on desktop and the same will be mirrored to the Chromecast enabled smart TV.

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To Conclude

If you follow the steps given in this article, casting any IPTV to Chromecast TV is that simple. With this, you can let experience any IPTV contents on the big screen. At no additional cost, anyone can cast any IPTV contents from a PC or smartphone to Chromecast plugged in a smart TV.

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