Google Chromecast is a small yet powerful media player of the current era. Despite its features, operation, and functionality, it may give you bring up some issues. The worst-case scenario includes the Chromecast dongle getting hanged up, unknown error, etc. When any such issues go unsolvable, then it is better to factory data reset aka FDR your Chromecast. In addition to this, if you have to connect Chromecast to a new router then you can perform FDR. Because the Chromecast remembers only one network. Most often resetting your Chromecast is seen as a little tricky process. But it isn’t the truth and therefore anyone can reset it to factory default settings without needing any professional knowledge.

Why Factory Data Reset Chromecast

You can opt to reset your Chromecast to factory default under the following situations.

  • If your Chromecast dongle freezes and plugin and plug out don’t fix the issue.
  • Reset Chromecast if you have changed to the new wireless router.
  • When your router is not in range, then you can do factory data reset the Chromecast dongle.

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How to Factory Data Reset Chromecast

Just like other devices, anyone can reset Google Chromecast to its factory settings. Doing a factory data reset to Chromecast isn’t a complex procedure and all it takes is a few minutes if you follow the below-given guidelines carefully.

Note: You can follow the same steps to do a factory data reset your Chromecast 1st generation, Chromecast 2nd generation, Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra.

Step 1: To begin with the factory data reset, you should firstly open the Google Home app on an Android or iPhone.

Factory Data Reset Chromecast

Step 2: On the home screen of Google Home, click on the Devices option from the top right corner. With this, you will be able to see your Chromecast device that is available.

Factory Data Reset Chromecast

Step 3: After that, you need to click on the menu option to choose the Settings option.

Click on settings

Step 4: Now, you should select the “More” button from the top-right corner.

Step 5: Lastly, make a click on the “Factory Reset” from the list of options.

Factory Data Reset Chromecast

Step 6: When prompted, you need to click on the OK button to confirm that you like to factory data reset Chromecast.

Click OK

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Factory Data Reset – Chromecast Older Models

The steps involved in factory data reset Chromecast is almost the same for any model. However, the older models of Chromecast have a different interface. So to make it clear, the steps are once again listed along with the screenshots.

Step 1: Open the Chromecast app on your PC or Android/iOS phone.

Step 2: Click on Settings > choose your Chromecast device > tap on the Settings option.

Factory Data Reset Chromecast

Step 3: On the next screen, click on the Factory Reset button from the bottom.

Step 4: On the Factory Reset pop-up, tap on the Reset option to further proceed.

Step 5: Confirm resetting by selecting the Reset option again.

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Try This!

There is a way possible in which you can factory data reset it manually. It works when you cannot reset your dongle from a smartphone or PC.

Step 1: You will find a small black button just below the micro USB port of Chromecast.

Step 2: Keep the dongle connected to your smart TV. After that, press and hold the button for about 25 seconds.

How to Factory Data Reset Chromecast?

Step 3: When you see a LED light next to the button flashing, then gently take out your finger.

Step 4: Just wait for a minute or two. You will see a blank screen and the rebooting process will take place.

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Finally, your Chromecast will reset and you can all the way start using it from the first.

Upon following the procedure, you can easily factory data reset Chromecast. A factory reset is a must if you face any issues while using Chromecast. After the reset, you can set up your dongle to let enjoy streaming your favorite content.

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