NOW TV Box is a new way to stream IPTV content and on-demand video streams. It is a portable streaming device that can be used on a compatible smart TV. NOW TV Box is a contract-free device that has four different TV passes, and the users can opt to stream anything based on their entertainment needs. There are a large number of IPTV apps and channels currently available for different platforms, among which NOW TV Box isn’t an exception. With this box, you can stream IPTV easily. Besides this, the user can stream thousands of movies using NOW TV Box. It supports more than 50 apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Vevo, etc., This article precisely deals with the installation of IPTV on NOW TV Box.

ATTENTION: Before using Kodi, users must remember the fact that their IP and online activities are visible to the ISPs and Government while using Kodi. If you stream copyrighted content through Kodi, you will end up facing some serious legal issues. To avoid this, you must use a trusted VPN service to mask your internet activities from ISPs, hackers, Government, and many more. On the other hand, VPN also helps you to access geo-restricted media with ease. We recommend our users purchase and use NordVPN on their devices.

How to Install IPTV on NOW TV?

NOW TV users can install supported IPTV apps from the Now TV App Store. Kodi is a better tool to stream different IPTV channels, and the section below gives guidelines for both.

Steps to Install IPTV on NOW TV Box from App Store

To install those officially supported IPTV apps on NOW TV can follow the steps given below.

#1: Connect the Now TV box to your Smart TV and turn it On.

#2. On the home screen, locate and select the App Store menu.

#3. Search for legal IPTV apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc.

install IPTV on Now TV

#4. Select your desired app and tap Install to download the app.

#5. After installing the app, Navigate to the My Apps section and tap the IPTV app you’ve downloaded.

#6. Enter the necessary login credentials to get into the app and start streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

Steps to Watch IPTV on NOW TV Box using Kodi Media Player

You need to set up the PVR IPTV Simple Client on Kodi to stream IPTV channels. You can easily download Kodi on the NOW TV. Before jumping into the steps, make sure to get an M3U URL from your desired IPTV service.

#1. Navigate to the App Store menu and select it.

Click App store and install kodi on Now TV

#2. Click the Search icon displayed at the top.

#3. On the search bar, type in as Kodi using the on-screen keyboard.

#4. Tap on the Install button to download Kodi on NOW TV.

#5. Then, click the Open button after the installation.

#6. Tap the Gear icon exhibited at the top.

Tap Settings icon

#7. On the Settings screen, tap the Add-ons icon. (The icon looks like an open box)

Click Add-ons

#8. Hit the option Install from repository.

Select Install from repository

#9. Look for the option PVR Clients and select it.

Tap PVR Clients

#10. Locate and tap the option PVR IPTV Simple Client.

Click PVR IPTV Simple Client

#11. Hit the Install button to download the add-on.

hit the Install button to stream IPTV on Now TV

#12. After installing it, click the Configure icon displayed at the bottom.

Tap Configure

#13. A menu pops up on the screen, select the option M3U Playlist URL.

Click M3U Playlist URL

#14. Enter the M3U link of your IPTV service provider and click OK.

Enter the M3U link of IPTV service and stream it on Now TV

#15. When you get Channel loaded notification, you can stream the content of your IPTV service provider on NOW TV.

You can also add third-party addons like cCloud TV addon, Indigo addon, etc. on Kodi to watch IPTV content. But, enable unknown sources on Kodi before installing these third-party add-ons. Accessing the IPTV app or IPTV channel is that simple, and anyone can start streaming their favorite content on NowTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you get IPTV on Now TV Stick?

Yes. You can get IPTV on Now TV. The IPTV installation procedure is similar for the Now TV box and Now TV Stick.

2. How to Stream illegal IPTV on Now TV box?

You can stream illegal IPTV services using the Kodi app. To know more, refer to the steps listed above.